Statoil tops Norwegian ranking for the first time, followed by Norsk Hydro and Yara International
April 2, 2012


On an average, Norwegian companies do well when it comes to providing the latest press releases and financial reports as well as archived reports and presentations on the corporate website. The research suggests a potential for improvement in the areas of financial and social targets, and target achievements in particular.

Last year’s winner Telenor hands over the baton to Statoil, which drops 3 points from 2010 to 62.75 but wins the Norwegian Top 21 of the KWD Webranking 2011 (formerly conducted under the brand H&H Webranking). Statoil last won the Norwegian Webranking of online corporate communications in 2008, then under the StatoilHydro flag. On the Europe 500 list, Statoil enters as number 44 (49th in 2010).

Statoil scored particularly high on the KWD Webranking sections “start page”, “career” and “functions”. Functions are interactive features, like subscription services, webcasts, glossaries, feedback functions and mobile-enabled functionality.

Norsk Hydro climbs two notches and claims second place, along with Yara International, in the Norwegian Top 21 with 60 points.

Telenor slips down to 4th place with 59.75 points, dropping 9.5 points from last year. Orkla holds on to 5th place with 52.25 points.

KWD Webranking 2011-2012 Norway Top 10
Company Points
Statoil 62.75
Norsk Hydro 60.00
Yara International 60.00
Telenor 59.75
Orkla 52.25
SAS 50.00
Schibsted 47.75
DnB NOR 43.25
Marine Harvest 43.00
Aker Solutions 42.75

The Webranking study has been conducted in Norway since 2000. 950 websites in 40 countries are included in the survey whereof the 21 largest by market cap in Norway. KWD Webranking has also ranked companies included in the FT Europe 500 and the 100 largest companies in FT Global 500.

The 2011 evaluation of corporate websites is based on criteria drawn on the basis of the more than 500 responses to the KWD Webranking questionnaires that annually investigate what information and functionalities are demanded by various stakeholders who use corporate websites.

KWD Webranking Norwegian Hall of Fame
2011    Statoil
2010    Telenor
2009    Telenor
2008    StatoilHydro
2007    Norsk Hydro
2006    Orkla

Overall scores in Norway

The average country score of Norway is 43.24 points. This puts Norway in 8th place when comparing European countries included in the KWD Webranking survey. The Norwegian score is very close to the average score of 44.17 points for the Europe 500 list.

Key strengths are investor relations and financial reporting information

On a European comparison, Norwegian companies are stronger than the average Europe 500 when it comes to information on the investor relations, financial reporting and corporate governance sections. The weak spots are the “About us”, press, corporate responsibility and career sections.

On a more detailed level, the research reveals that Norwegian companies are particularly good at providing the latest press releases, financial reports and presentations as well as including structured archived reports. Capital market respondents rank current financial reports, presentations and press releases as important and Norwegian companies match and fulfill these needs particularly well.

”Two out of three respondents to the KWD Webranking capital market questionnaire, search for information on corporate websites once or several times a day. Providing rich financial information online is a service for stakeholders, as well as an indicator of a company’s transparency. Accessible financial reports and presentations, in addition to an extensive historical archive, are vastly appreciated among investors and analysts as well as business journalists. Preferably, financial reports should be available both in PDF and HTML formats, and financial data should be available for download in Excel,” says Staffan Lindgren, Managing Director International at KWD.

European companies fail to present targets and achievements

Financial and social targets and target achievements are also important for capital market respondents, but the average score in these areas are considerably lower. Among surveyed capital market stakeholders, 87% want information on financial targets and 77% on financial achievements. Only 10 companies in the Europe 500 list provide both. However, none of the Norwegian companies present target achievements and merely 10% provide financial targets.

“Norway shows some potential for improvement in communicating its financial targets on corporate websites. This is something that many companies struggle with for various reasons. In some cases, the information is published in the annual report but not on the corporate website. Whereas for other companies, it’s a matter of policy to not communicate this kind of information. No matter the reason, our Webranking research clearly shows that financial targets are highly valued by the corporate website target groups.“ Samuel  Terling, Director International KWD.

No Norwegian companies in top tier of Europe 500

The Norwegian ranking is part of a larger study that in 2011 evaluated more than 950 companies at a global level. This includes the Europe 500 (companies included in the FT Europe 500), the Global 100 (the largest companies in the FT Global 500) and different country rankings.

Statoil, the best Norwegian performer, ranked 44th in the KWD Webranking Europe 500 followed by Norsk Hydro and Yara International on a shared 61st place.

Telecommunications operator Telecom Italia won the European ranking followed by Italian energy company Eni and German chemical producer BASF.

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